Thursday, November 15, 2007

On faith


"To reject any article of the faith is to reject the faith itself. This is like pulling one stone out of an arch; it is like putting one hole in the hull of a ship. The whole arch tumbles down; the whole ship sinks. A man who has the faith, accepts God's word. Now, God's word has been set up the Church as man's infallible teacher and guide. If a man, therefore, rejects one article of the faith, and says that he believes all the other articles, he believes this by his own choice and opinion, not by faith. Rejecting one article of the faith, he rejects the whole authority of the Church, and he rejects the authority of God which has set up and authorize the Church to teach truth. Hence, it is entirely incorrect to say that a man may have lifeless or formless fith in some articles of the Creed while he rejects others; such a man has not the faith at all, living or lifeless.
Thomas Aquinas, Summa, IIa IIae, Qq 5

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